Friday, April 27, 2012

Whatt Up My Guy (BLOG)

@MyykelB - Gotta Get It [USER SUBMITTED]

 On April 27, 2012 Mykel B , the Sin City rebel 
maintains to make it on anotha blog with his new single off " Tha Heisman ",
"Mykel B - Gotta get it" reaching large amounts of views and still climbing up the latter of success!!!

Check out the link below to show support!!! #WRXUP #Vegas #UNDFTD  #Hiphop

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mykel B : INK-CITY Blog

Twitter: @MyykelB

Make sure you go to the link below too checkout and
support Mykel B on making it on INK-CITY Blog. He manage to get
on to the blog with his "Heaven Seen"  Chest tattoo. ‘Tha Chosen One”written 
in Old English surrounded by clouds with to doves flying on each shoulder. Nice Art Work!!!

Mykel B : INK-CITY Blog!- - - - - > Click here to view Blog! < - - - - -  #WRXUP #Vegas #Hiphop

Mykel B - Gotta get it


Mykel B drops a new song called "Gotta get it" off his up comming mixtape called
"Tha Heisman", Make sure that you Listin and Download it.Make sure you stay up dated with
this WRXUP movement i see huge plans in the future for this upcomming, unsigned hiphop artist.

Mykel B - Gotta Get It

WRXUP X UNDFTD LV: Undftd LV Photoshoot!!

Mykel B
WRXUP X UNDFTD Las Vegas (Photoshoot)

Mykel B takes time of of his schedule to go shopping in UNDFTD LV,
and whill he's there he takes a small photoshoot to show support to his favorite clothing line!!